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Apart Hotel Escala Real offers first class accommodation in a comfortable, friendly and friendly atmosphere, with an excellent location steps from the sea, 600 meters from Enjoy Casino, pubs and restaurants, is the ideal destination for rest, recreation and for executives who visit our region.

In the Coquimbo Region, there are excellent beaches with warm waters, Avenida del Mar in La Serena and others such as Tongoy, Morrillos, Las Tacas, Guanaqueros, Totoralillo, Peñuelas and La Herradura, are ideal for recreation.

However, the preservation of the flora and fauna of the place also finds an area in the Humboldt Penguin National Reserve, optimal for ecotourism that can be done in the Choros, Damas and Chañaral Islands.

Access to the cultural legacy of the area is possible in La Serena with historical and archaeological museums and fantastic colonial architecture, while Andacollo offers visitors the chance to enjoy religious ceremonies, next to the clear skies that allow you to observe the universe in the Coquimbo region.